Monday, October 6, 2008


Denny Park Lutheran church at John Street.

Yesterday I went to see Bill Maher's movie Religulous. From a pure architectural standpoint I love churches, but I'm not a regular. My first marriage ended in divorce, consequently banning me from the Catholic religion. But as they say, keep religion and politics out of the family table, so I'm not going to rant on the subject here. Go watch the movie instead. Bill Maher does a great job articulating what I could never be able to say so eloquently.

And speaking of religion, if you want to become a follower of Seattle Sketcher, check out the new Blogger widget I put at the top of the sidebar. You know, I just want you to believe in me, it keeps me drawing!

[ Ayer fui a ver la película de Bill Maher Religulous. Desde un punto de vista arquitectónico me encantan las iglesias, aunque no voy nunca a misa. Mi primer matrimonio terminó en divorcio, poniendo fin a mi trayectoria como católico practicante. Pero, como se suele decir, la religión y la política no son temas para hablar en familia, así que no me voy a enrollar con ese tema. Ir a ver la película. Bill Maher hace un trabajo buenísimo poniendo en palabras lo que yo nunca sería capaz de decir tan elocuentemente. ¶ Y hablando de religión, he puesto un widget de Blogger en la columna de la derecha donde podéis haceros seguidores de Seattle Sketcher. ¡Mientras más gente crea en mí más dibujaré! ]


  1. My world would be all meshuganah without a daily Gabi sketch. I believe in you! I study every detail of every sketch and am blown away. Every day.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately a lot of new churches have lost their architectural edge (an exception is the Chapel of St. Ignatius at Seattle U), just as most modern preaching seems to have lost the "love your enemies" message. Oh well, if you ever want in you can always have a Reformation!

  3. aw, speck, that's the nicest thing I've ever heard, thanks!

    @joshua, the Chapel of St. Ignatius is definitely on my 'to-draw list'!