Monday, October 20, 2008

Proportions are not exaggerated

Drawn while waiting for my bus at the park 'n ride.

How smart is to buy one of these vehicles —the one on the right— when you live in the urban jungle? I just wonder, like I've done before. They don't even fit in the parking spots.

[ Vamos a ver, ¿es inteligente comprarse uno de estos vehículos cuando uno vive en la jungla urbana? Me lo pregunto ahora y me lo he preguntado antes. Nisiquiera caben en las plazas de parking. ]


  1. gosh, a true piece of America here :) Also I love America for so many other positive things (like shopping!)

  2. good stuff! It's true, no point in driving these monster trucks in cities, just to make oneself feel bigger than everyone else. Maybe I'll get myself an extra massive sketching stool or a really long micron pen, and be like them...

  3. I loved my 1999 F150. I used it to carry my camping gear and boats and windsurfers and it was cool sitting above everyone (really Im a humble guy). Now Im reduced to my 1977 MGB and have to look up at everyone and thats ok too. Love your drawings. Im a painter myself because my lines really suck.