Thursday, October 30, 2008

Motore Coffee


This past few days I've been staying up late feeding this blog and also working on my new blogging project Urban Sketchers. In the morning, after taking my son to where he catches his school bus, I go to the park 'n ride and as soon as I get on my bus I fall sleep. So the first thing I've been doing after getting off the bus is running to get a latte. Yesterday's was at Motore Coffee at Stewart St. and 9th Ave.

• UPDATE: It turns out that one of my subjects on this sketch, 'guy with laptop' on the right, found its way to my post online and wrote about being sketched by another Motore patron (me) on his blog. How cool is that? He liked the sketch so much he asked me for permission to use it as his avatar. He also wrote about Urban Sketchers too. Thanks guy with laptop! (This is a big departure from that day when someone yelled at me on the bus because he caught me drawing him.)

[ Estos últimos días me dan las tantas de la noche trabajando en mi nuevo proyecto Urban Sketchers y también alimentado este blog. Por la mañana, después de llevar a mi hijo a donde se sube al autobús para el colegio, voy al park 'n ride y en cuanto me subo a mi autobús cierro los ojos y me pego una cabezadita de media hora. Cuando llego al centro de Seattle lo primero que hago es ir a tomarme un café para despertarme. Ayer fui a Motore Coffee en Stewart St. y la novena avenida. ]


  1. Hey Gabi,
    I am enjoying your Seattle sketches as always and I am mesmerized by, good on ya man. A sketch junkies dream!
    How will it work, will the correspondents be posting to or flickr or their own blogs or whatever? Thanks for all the enjoyment, this wannabe is loving it.

  2. Gabi,
    As usual, am loving your sketches. You urban sketchers idea is way cool. Glad you added my bf sketch bud, Martha to the mix. Hope she can add some of the sketches she did on our Austin Crawl to the Urban mix---good stuff!

  3. oh, this is such a nice sketch! Love the selective colors and witty captions - great as usual!

  4. It's cool that they serve dogs at the bar. That's one expensive cuppa joe!

  5. re above
    OOPS Ok, I get it, duh

  6. hey Don, thanks for all the encouragement! the correspondents will post directly to Urban Sketchers. it'll be like a 'global' sketchbook all in one blog.

    lisa, i'm thrilled to post on the same blog with Martha!