Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love my USA Today

USA Today's news rack at Olive Way and 7th Avenue.

One of Michelle's book reviews ran Monday on USA Today's Money section, where she contributes frequently as a Seattle-based freelance writer. When I went to get a copy of the paper, I decided to sketch the box first.

I used to work at USA Today in Northern Virginia before we moved to Seattle two years ago. I know the paper has its critics —usually people who don't read it— but I love it. It's well edited and an enjoyable read. And 26 years after it came out, its news racks are still my favorite in the urban landscape, with their instantly recognizable TV-shape. (A little set back with this one though was that the coin slot was jammed and the paper inside was a few days old, so I had to find another one to get the paper after all. The poor things are just getting old. And given how media is changing, pretty soon they'll probably all end up in the Newseum.)

[ Un artículo de Michelle salió ayer en la sección de economía de USA Today, donde escribe a menudo como colaboradora desde Seattle. Cuando fui a comprar un ejemplar primero decidí hacer un apunte de la caja donde los venden. ¶ Yo trabajé en USA Today en Virginia antes de que nos mudaramos a Seattle hace dos años. Es un periódico que tiene sus detractores —que suelen ser gente que nunca lo leen— pero a mí me encanta. Está bien editado y se lee muy a gusto. Y después de 26 años desde su fundación, las cajas donde lo venden en la calle son mis favoritas del paisaje urbano, con su forma de televisor reconocible al instante. (Un pequeño problema con ésta del dibujo fue que la ranura de las monedas estaba atascada y el periódico que había dentro era de hace unos días, así que tuve que buscar otra para comprar el periódico después de todo. Estos pobres artilugios se están haciendo viejos. Y tal como están cambiando los medios de comunicación últimamente pronto acabarán en el Newseum.) ]


  1. You're probably right, Gabi - these will be antiques before we know it.

  2. Dan Wasserman8:52 AM

    Gabi... Terrific work. Would you e-mail me about making a Boston connection to your urban sketcher site. Many thanks,

    Dan Wasserman

  3. Very stylish (Gabi-like). Disagree about the paper: I can't live without my FT weekend edition on Saturday mornings. There is something about grabbing a big fold of paper and reading it page by page, you can't take in so much information if you just browse it online

  4. Funny, Gabi, i've never been a fan of the newspaper myself, but there has always been something very graphic about their layout. I was on their website yesterday and noted i liked the font they use... and i think that's because it's Helvetica.
    Cool illustration of the little things in life that stand out...

  5. Great capture! Yes, truly these racks look like televisions... I'm a fan of newspapers, too - rather because of the newsprint paper - the one no Kindle is likely to reproduce ... and that has its very own feeling.

  6. something you take for granted in the urban landscape that has a limited life span but that has meant so much to so many. Thanks for capturing.