Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy birthday Uwajimaya

Sketch at former location of Uwajimaya Asian food market in the International District.

[ View larger ] Illustration shows Uwajimaya's main entrance as it looked in the early 1980s. ©The Seattle Times.

I stopped putting my newspaper illustrations on the blog when I changed it to Seattle Sketcher last july. (They're on Flickr now.) But I have to make an exception today because the topic is quintessential Seattle and I also went to do some preliminary sketches to the International District in order to create the final artwork, which ran on the paper yesterday with a very nice first person article by Times reporter Karen Gaudette.

All that aside, the important thing is that Uwajimaya, the Asian food market who brought a taste of home to immigrants like Karen's mom, turns 80 this year.

[ Desde que cambié el blog a Seattle Sketcher en julio ya no pongo aquí mis ilustraciones para el periódico. (Las pongo en Flickr). Pero hoy tengo que hacer una excepción porque el tema es Seattle al cien por cien y de hecho fui a tomar apuntes al International District para realizar esta ilustración, que se publicó ayer con un artículo muy bueno de la reportera del Times Karen Gaudette. ¶ Pero al margen de todo eso, lo importante es que Uwajimaya, el mercado de comida asiática que trajo a immigrantes como la madre de Karen un sabor a casa, cumple 80 años. ]


  1. wow! how cool. You should put out more paper illustrations out here

  2. Uwajimaya! That's the store the name of which I had forgotten and which I mentioned in an earlier post!

    I did go and buy things there on a few occasions during my stay in Seattle!

    Besos desde Barcelona, Gabi!

    Y, como siempre, felicidades por tu trabajo :)