Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good old buses

Friday, Sept. 26, 2008 — 10:15 p.m. The 101 to Renton at the Terry Avenue and Olive Way bus stop. My second sketch attempt was not interrupted by the arrival of my bus, as happened the previous week.

I hope you're not growing tired of all my posts pro public transportation. If you read the blog often, you know that I'm passionate about this topic.

It's getting closer to the November election and I sure hope Proposition 1 passes so light rail can be a reality around here a few years from now. With any luck, by the time my kids go to college there will be a rail station in Lynnwood. In the meantime, we'll just have to rely on some good old buses.

• More info about Prop. 1 at the Mass Transit Now campaign website.

[ Aquí estoy de nuevo promocionando el transporte público. Espero que no os canse el tema. Los que leéis el blog a menudo ya sabéis que me apasiona. ¶ Ya queda muy poco para las elecciones de noviembre y espero de verdad que se apruebe la Proposición 1, el primer paso para que la red de tren ligero se convierta en una realidad dentro de unos años. Si hay suerte habrá estación en Lynnwood antes de que mis peques vayan a la universidad. Mientras tanto, nos habremos de conformar con estos viejos autobuses que tenemos. ¶ • Para más información sobre la Proposición 1 visita la web de Mass Transit Now. ]


  1. Hi, the net is a great community of sketchers, yours are really good, looking forward to many more, but what is a news artist? I design books but news artist sounds so much more exciting... do you rush to fires and robberies sketching in-situ... an artist with a blue flashing light on top of your car?

  2. Hey, great sketches and thanks for your support of Mass Transit Now!

  3. @stef, news artists do a range of things in a newspaper, from illustrations, diagrams, maps, charts, anything that requires a visual explanation. i've actually gone to some fires and small plain crashes to do graphics recreating the scene. i do wish they let us just have a blue flashing light on top of our car and go out drawing all day though! ;) thanks for your comment!

    @rizzuhjj, you're welcome, can't wait for light rail!