Friday, October 3, 2008

Do you know who lives at the top of the Smith Tower?

[View larger] Drawn right outside Union Station with Pigma Micron 08 pen on big moleskine sketchbook.

When it opened in 1914, the 42-story Smith Tower was the fourth tallest building in the world. At 462 feet tall (141 meters), it remained the tallest in Seattle until the Space Needle was built in 1962. The tallest building now is the Columbia Tower with 937 feet (285 meters).

A reader of the blog (hi Carlos!) told me an interesting fact about the Smith Tower: the inside of the pyramid at the top is actually a residence. It used to house a water tank and the living quarters of the building's caretaker. The current penthouse was remodeled by Castanes Architects. You can see photos of the cool interior space on their website.

I would love to sketch the views of the city from such an amazing spot. If you happen to know who lives there perhaps you can let them know.

[ Cuando abrió sus puertas en 1914, la torre Smith era el cuarto edificio más alto del mundo. Con 141 metros de altura, mantuvo ese status hasta 1962, cuando se construyó el Space Needle. El rascacielos más alto de Seattle hoy en día es la torre Columbia, con 285 metros de altura. ¶ Un lector del blog (¡hola Carlos!) me contó un dato que desconocía sobre Smith Tower: el interior de la pirámide que remata el edificio es una vivienda. Anteriormente ahí estaba el depósito de agua y el apartamento del jefe de mantenimiento. En la actualidad se trata de una magnífica penthouse remodelada por Castanes Architects. Puedes ver fotos en su página web. ¶ Me encantaría dibujar las vistas de la ciudad desde ahí. Si conocéis a los inquilinos se lo comentáis. ]


  1. Great drawing, Gabi! I don't know who lives there, but I wish it were me. I wonder which lottery I'd have to win to even think about it?

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    You can get pretty much the same view from the observation deck and you wouldn't have to look out of such small windows. Of course if what you really want is to check out the apartment, that's a different matter. ;-)

    With some google-fu you could find out the name of the tenants and ask for an invite.

  3. Cool drawing, and thanks for the info on that apartment, looks great.

  4. I read an article in the Seattle Times quite a few years ago that said the daughter of the current owners lives in the apartment at the top. There were a few pictures accompanying the article too. Very cool! The article was in one of those middle sections that come with the Sunday paper. Don't know if that helps or even if she still lives there. I enjoy seeing your drawings of familiar places. I live in Lynnwood. =)

  5. Hi Gabi!
    Trying to get a quick look to the loft, eh? ;)
    I don´t forget I owe you a visit to the Everett plant...I simply was too busy with my return to Spain to arrange it. And now we have the strike...mmm...should be a good excuse to have a look at it and illustrate an articule at the Seattle Times, when the strike finish, don´t you think so? I promise to try my best in December, I am going to be there couple of weeks. I hope everything is solved at that time...
    I am convinced that eryone would love your sketches of the machinist at work!

  6. That WOULD be an amazing sketching position Gabi...Good luck!

  7. thanks everyone for the comments!

    @parrish70, thanks for the tip, i'll try to dig out that article. we're almost neighbors by the way, i live in Mill Creek

    @aeroroldy, hey carlos, don't stress out about the visit to the plant but i do hope i get to meet this time when you come in December. every time i see the picket lines near everett i feel like getting out of the car and doing a sketch, as you said, it's a good story idea, i'll have to talk to my boss about it!

  8. i know who lives there!