Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another moley is finished

Pigma Micron 08 pen and gouache on pocket moleskine sketchbook.

Finishing up a sketchbook feels really good. I started this one on July 9 and wrapped it up last Thursday. One of these days I'll make an iMovie of it flipping through the pages like the ones you can see on Facebook or You Tube. Let me know if you have any song suggestions for the soundtrack.

[ Acabar un cuaderno de éstos sienta de maravilla. Éste lo empecé el 9 de julio y lo terminé el jueves pasado. Uno de estos días haré otro video con iMovie pasando las páginas como los que puedes ver en Facebook o You Tube. Se aceptan sugerencias de canciones para la banda sonora. ]


  1. Wow. I really liked your sketches. The feel is so good, so raw.

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

    'I'm sitting at a railway station, got a ticket for my destina-a-tion, oo-oo-oo' Simon and Garf's Uncle I believe...

  3. I really love your sketches. Actually, I'm writing with a moleskine question, because I noticed that you do a lot of gouache/watercolor in them: I really love moleskines, but I've found that they don't take water media very well. I know that there are many different kinds, I'm generally attracted to the sketchbook version (larger size) because of its thick paper. I've tried the watercolor one, but I really don't like the landscape orientation.

    I've been using canson black sketchbooks for about a year, but desperately want to go back to moleskines. (Moleys were one of my first kinds of real journaling sketchbooks, but it was before I really embraced adding water and color.)

    Eh, one more question -- moleys only come in two sizes, right? Large and small? I've scoured the net for something larger than the large, but no luck.

    Tips? Suggestions? I'd be eternally grateful.


  4. hi Ariela,

    the moleskine sketchbooks (pocket and regular size) don't take watercolor well, the pages are too slick/waxy, but gouache sticks pretty good.

    the watercolor moleskines have regular watercolor paper, so you can go either way there, but, as you said, you have to live with the landscape format, which you can always flip so it's vertical too ;)

    hope that helps!

  5. Thanks -- that does help. And come to think of it, I've never tried gouache on the moleskines, only watercolor. I'll definitely try it.

    Thanks again!