Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A sketch in seven acts, or how to win a free print


I sketched this from one of the stops downtown where I usually take the bus home after work. Over seven days. That's what the seven marks at the top left corner mean: one for each day I added some more to the drawing while waiting for the bus.

Now a question for you to make this a little fun: ¿Can you guess the street intersection where I stood to draw this? If you are the first to get it right, I'll send you a hand-signed print for free. So there, google-map it if you'd like, there are plenty of clues on the sketch to figure it out even if you don't live here.

[ Este dibujo lo hice desde una de las paradas donde suelo tomar el bus de vuelta a casa después del trabajo. En siete días. Cada día que añadía un poquito más al dibujo puse una raya en la esquina superior izquierda. ¶ Y ahora una pregunta para los seattlelitas: ¿Sabes desde qué cruce de calles está hecho este dibujo? Si eres el primero en responder correctamente te enviaré una reproducción firmada del dibujo gratis. Así que ya sabes, míralo en Google Maps, hay suficientes pistas en el dibujo para encontrar la respuesta incluso si no vives en Seattle. ]


  1. Hi Gabi,

    My guess is Howell St & Yale Ave‎.

  2. I think Matt got it, unless you were standing closer to Denny and Eastlake. :)

  3. My guess was going to be Virginia and Westlake, but I have no clue about Seattle geography.

  4. yep, Matt got it right, congrats! send me an e-mail with your address at hola@gabicampanario.com so i can mail you the print.

    thanks joshua and nick and folks who replied via email for participating, i'll have to do this again, i may make it a little more difficult next time ;)

  5. Hey Gabi,

    The print arrived on Monday. Thank you so much. It looks great.

    Happy Sketching,