Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seattle's Best Coffee at Borders


Last Saturday I had a little 'me' time and went to Borders after my kiddos were sleeping. A geek that I am, when I got back home I had to google Seattle's Best Coffee and learn a couple of things I didn't know about this chain. One: They are owned by Starbucks. Two: Every Borders bookstore has one since the companies signed a deal in 2004.

It was too late for me to have coffee without risking a sleepless night so I didn't have any, but, given it claims to be Seattle's best, I'll have to try it —and draw it— some other time.

To see this bookstore from outside, check out this other drawing I did last year.

[ El sábado pasado tuve un poco de tiempo para mí solo y fui a Borders después de que los peques se fueron a dormir. Uno que es así de empollón, cuando volví a casa busqué Seattle's Best Coffee en Google para aprender unas cuantas cosas que no sabía sobre esta cadena de cafeterías. La primera: pertenecen al grupo Starbucks. La segunda: están en todas las librerías Borders desde que las dos compañías firmaran un acuerdo en el 2004. ¶ Ya era demasiado tarde para tomarme un café sin arriesgar no pegar ojo en toda la noche, pero, dado que presumen de ser el mejor café de Seattle, habrá que probarlo —y dibujarlo también— en otra ocasión. ¶ Para ver esta librería desde fuera puedes ir a este dibujo que hice el año pasado. ]


  1. Desde empty boarrdroom hasta este e visto autenticas maravillas,y me e puesto un poco triste con las casas demolidas.saúdos e apertas

  2. Nothing like Italian coffee; still, from what I remember from my days in Seattle, Seattle's Best tasted better (to me) than Starbucks. I did not known that Starbucks owned it all (maybe it did not back then).

    We have Starbucks over here: it's full of them in Barcelona now and, to us, these coffee bars look so fake and unnatural... It's only tourists going to them.

    Thank goodness for Italy. We're lucky over here we have it so near.

    By the way, apart from the Seattle's Best at Border's, does the one by the Westlake Center still exist?

    Un saludo enorme a la ciudad esmeralda :)

  3. i think Starbucks bought SBC in 2003. i say enjoy the cafes in Barcelona and Italy and tell everyone there how lucky they are!

    but i'll still root for Starbucks since it's the closest we get here to the european cafes!

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if our government is owned by Starbucks :) Beautiful've captured the cozy environment quite well. It's funny to think about how many of us treat ourselves in exactly the same way.

  5. girlontheleft8:15 AM

    Unforunately, I've heard rumours that Starbucks might be phasing out the Seattle's Best Coffee brand by the end of the year. So if you want to try it, you should probably do it soon!