Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to kindergarten

Walmart backpack: $9.89. First day of kindergarten: Priceless.

I barely remember my first day of school. One thing I know, my backpack was an ugly beige color and shaped more like a box with straps.

Backpack design has come a long way, but I think the feelings of a five year old about going to school for the first time remain the same. I know my son is as excited as I was.

[ Casi no me acuerdo de nada de mi primer día de colegio. Una cosa sí, mi cartera era de un color beige bien feo y era más bien como una caja con tiras para colgarla a la espalda. ¶ El diseño de carteras ha evolucionado mucho, pero creo que la emoción de un niño de cinco años de empezar el colegio por primera vez no ha cambiado. Yo sé que mi hijo está tan impaciente como lo estuve yo entonces. ]


  1. I love this sketch. Every time I walk by my son's backpack I have wanted to sketch it, but just haven't yet. I love the little details.

  2. I hope you and your wife stuck some kleenex in your pockets because I have a feeling the only one crying this morning was you and she. Kindergaten....I do remember the first day; I barely spoke English and first chance I got I dashed for the door.....but Miss Osborn was quick and barred the door then took my wailing little self into her arms and promised how much fun school would be. She was right and now 47 years later my backpack is ready for my first trip on the public bus and off to school I go for French and Oil painting classes!!! Rudy will be walking me to the bus stop, I'll make sure he has kleenex in his pocket!
    Espero nos cuentes del primer dia de Alex!

  3. Just discovered your sketches, and wow! Hope your little guy enjoyed his first day of kindergarten! I have a 1st grader and 2nd grader, and they say Kindergarten rocks BUT after that things are just too serious :)

  4. I like that you made your son's first school day a special event with this sketch. What a nice dad you are.

  5. hope your son had a good day at school! It's a big step and backpack is just a right thing for it to describe and draw.

    Do your kids draw with you?

  6. he sure did have a good day, i dropped him at the bus on my way to work and he couldn't wait to get on it, he was so excited! and after the day was over still had some more energy packed somewhere to go out to play with his friends on the street a little more

    @angelinabeadalina: Welcome to the blog, thanks for sharing that piece of information about what's on the mind of 1st and 2nd graders!

    @apple-pine: My daughter really likes to draw with me and on her own, she's only 3 but i'm already starting to keep her drawings! my son likes to draw streets with parking spots and buildings, maybe he'll be an urban planner! Don't know if you were following the blog when I also uploaded drawings and videos I do for them. You can see those now on my Flickr 'art for kids' set and at this YouTube address http://www.youtube.com/user/baconvelocity

    thank you all for the comments!

  7. I always get so excited this time of year. My daughter has three more years until her first day of kindergarten, but I am already talking it up to her!

    Great sketch and a nice way to capture the thrill of the first day.

  8. Oh...this is so sweet Gabi!

  9. thanks for answering, Gabi!
    I did look at everything you did for your kids - as it's one of the topics that are very interesting for me now - I am thinking about either making another blog with drawings that I do with my son or, perhaps, include it in my blog... so far I cannot make him stop drawing on the same piece of paper though - so he ends up ruining great works that he creates by endless additions... well, may be he will get more patient sooner or later ;)