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Monday, September 29, 2008

Inside the Concorde, for free

[View larger] Saturday, Sept. 27 — 2:43 p.m. British Airways Concorde at the Museum of Flight.

The chance to be inside the fastest commercial jet in the history of aviation, even if it's on the ground, doesn't happen every day, let alone for free.

But Saturday was Free Museum Day and Alex and I spent part of the day at the Museum of Flight. Checking out the Concorde was one of the highlights of our visit. It is one of only twenty ever built and was donated to the Seattle museum by British Airways.

The main cabin is narrower than I thought and not very tall, almost claustrophobic. There are only two seats at each side of the aisle. The windows are tiny, about half the usual size. As you walk through, you can read signs with interesting factoids about the supersonic plane and some of its famous travellers, like Rod Stewart, who had his hair stylist flown to New York on the Concorde at the last minute to fix his hair before a concert.

[ La oportunidad de entrar en el avión comercial más rápido de la historia, aunque sea en tierra firme, no se presenta cada día, y menos gratis. ¶ Pero el sábado fue Free Museum Day y Alex y yo pasamos parte del día en el Museum of Flight. Ver el Concorde fue uno de los momentos a destacar de nuestra visita. Sólo se han construido veinte en total y éste es uno de ellos donado por British Airways al museo de Seattle. ¶ La cabina principal es más estrecha de lo que pensaba y no muy alta, de hecho da un poco de claustrofobia. Sólo hay dos asientos a cada lado del pasillo. Las ventanas son minúsculas, la mitad del tamaño habitual. Mientras vas por el pasillo puedes ir leyendo pequeños carteles con datos curiosos sobre el avión supersónico y algunos de sus famosos viajeros, como Rod Stewart, que hizo que su peluquero viajara en Concorde a Nueva York en el último minuto para arreglarle el pelo antes de un concierto. ]


  1. Love they way you captured its sleekness and speed...while it is sitting stationary on the ground...I love the way your artistic eye sees! :) Fabulous!

  2. Hi Gabi, Barbara Weeks gave me the arte de pico award which I am passing on to you. YOu have to go to my blog to get it.

  3. thanks Lydia, i'm off to check that award at your blog

  4. This may be my favorite of your wide pieces--the way you used the wide angle really makes the Concorde feel like its jumping off the page. I love it!