Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guilty pleasures


All this financial crisis is making me feel guilty about my occasional $2.95 tall lattes. Especially after I started using, an online budgeting tool that's been getting rave reviews by the likes of Time, Business Week and The Motley Fool.

Thanks to this handy website I know I've spent $129 in coffee shops in the past three months, $44 of them at Vivace, where I had this one yesterday morning.

[ Con tanta crisis financiera me da complejo de culpabilidad cada vez que me tomo un café con leche, que cuesta 2.95 dólares. Más todavía desde que empecé a utilizar, una web para administrar tus cuentas avalada por positivas reseñas en Time, Business Week y The Motley Fool. ¶ Gracias a esta herramienta tan práctica sé que en los últimos tres meses me he gastado 129 dólares en cafeterías, 44 en Vivace, donde me tomé éste ayer por la mañana. ]


  1. I had a quick look at mint, but...
    doesn´t look a little scaring giving all your accounts information to a free software?
    Call me old fashioned...

  2. Oh Gabi, there are alot of things in life one may feel guilty about but it should NEVER be coffee! LOL!
    An essential artists tool. ;)
    Love this sketch, especially nice lettering here.

  3. Ben Soto10:46 PM

    I love mint. I have realized that I have way to much debt, not really compared to other people, but it's still depressing. They even have a iphone app which i love.

  4. Caitlin10:21 PM

    Only $44 / month? Now I feel like I'm drinking too much coffee...