Friday, September 5, 2008

Counterbalance Park in Queen Anne

Intersection of Queen Anne Avenue and Roy Street.

This park just opened in Queen Anne in July and it's already generating strong opinions. This person likes it and this other one hates it.

I was there for the first time to do another sketch for the Seattle Parks Foundation. I liked it. I think some people may be disappointed because they think a park needs to have ponds, playgrounds, you name it, but this is more like a plaza. Wait till the trees grow and it'll be a true urban oasis.

[ Este parque acaba de inaugurarse en Queen Anne en Julio y ya hay opiniones de todo tipo al respecto. A esta persona le gusta pero a esta otra nada en absoluto. ¶ Yo lo he visitado por primera vez para hacer otro dibujo para la Fundación de Parques. A mí me ha gustado. Creo que hay gente decepcionada porque piensan que un parque sin columpios o fuente y lago no es un parque como dios manda, pero en este caso se trata más bien de una plaza. Espera a que los árboles crezcan y será un verdadero oasis urbano. ]


  1. excelent blog! nice works

  2. Good architecture always divides opinions.
    Excellent drawings in your blog!

  3. Wow - there's so much in this sketch, Gabi. Really good work!

  4. Muy bueno! simple y detallista a la vez, sorprende que puedas ser tan descriptivo con unos trazos tan gestuales y rapidos.

  5. Top knotch work Gabi! I like the little notes and figures

  6. This is a beautiful drawing. It has the perfect balance of greenery and hard edge architecture, with the '60s futurism of the Space Needle just behind. What is that building on the right side with the three triangular ridges? Is Seattle filled with '60s modernist architecture? You can't build stuff like that back East.