Monday, September 22, 2008

A century later, rails are coming back

Trolley number 55, a reminder of early 20th century transportation in the Seattle area, is on display at Heritage Park in Lynnwood.

How ironic. According to History, by 1912 people from Tacoma to Everett were able to commute to Seattle by rail. The ride from Alderwood Manor, where Lynnwood is now, was 45 minutes. Almost a century later later, rail service may hopefully come back to the entire region if Proposition 1 passes in the November election.

Cars and highways killed the trolleys and rail lines, now it's time for them to replace the cars.

[ Es curioso. Según History, entrada la segunda década del siglo XX, habitantes de Tacoma a Everett ya podían viajar a Seattle en tranvía. Desde Alderwood Manor, donde ahora está Lynnwood, se tardaba 45 minutos. Casi un siglo después, es posible que el transporté sobre raíles vuelva a toda la región si la Proposición 1 se aprueba en las elecciones de Noviembre. ¶ Los automóviles y las autopistas acabaron con los tranvías, ahora toca que los trenes y las vías sustituyan a los automóviles y el asfalto. ]


  1. Hi Gabi: I love the drawing of the trolley! Your lines are so parallel and straight...and no ruler do I see.

    How do you get the time to do these drawings almost every day?

  2. Acho uma óptima ideia a aposta nos comboios. Os desenhos continuam também de excelente qualidade.

  3. I remember a tram line in Seattle when I lived there back in the early nineties. I think it only went around the seafront, Pioneer Square and the Asian area (around the Japanese restaurant the name of which I have already forgotten).

    I also remember not very many taking it. I live in Barcelona where public transport is very well spread. I commute myself to work but I was thinking today that, if I had one, I'd use the car (and then you sin because you become so un-ecological). However, people here are noisy and unrespectful and I am sick and tired of having to put up with music coming out from headphones, I-pods, etc. at 6:30 A.M.

    I have the feeling that seattlelites are much more civilized in this sense and that traveling by public transport (such as the tram) would be wonderful.

    Infinitud de abrazos a mi querida ciudad esmeralda, Gabi :)

  4. I meant to write Japanese supermarket... Ooops!

  5. Great sketch, Gabi! Love the details. Hope the trains can come back. We ride them over here as much as we can- cheaper than driving.

  6. Gabi, master of perspective.
    Bringing back the trams seems to be the trend everywhere in Europe-- same in France and Belgium.
    We still have a way to go here in the US.
    This trolley is the same age as my house :-)

  7. @pyracantha, i have my sketchbooks within reach 24/7 and take every opportunity to draw, usually as i go about my daily routine. on weekends i try to sketch on unusual locations during family outings

    @montse, unfortunately, the waterfront streetcar has not been in operation since 2005 and I don't think it's coming back (more on that on this story from the P-I.)

    btw, i also get some thugs with the music cranked up on ther i-pods on my bus, but not everyday. i do miss the red line of the Barcelona metro though! i used to take it to Pl. Catalunya quite a lot, back in the early 90s, how funny!