Friday, August 29, 2008

Sign soup #2

[View larger] Pigma Micron 08 on large moleskine sketchbook. Drawn on location, colored later with cheap gouache paints, except for Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache Flame Red, which cost me "un ojo de la cara", as we'd say in Spanish.

My friend Eric, a native Pacific Northwesterner, gave me the advice to never again write anything here about the weather in Seattle, as I did on Monday.

You see, I'm a rookie when it comes to knowing the etiquette around this part of the country, so I appreciate his feedback and hope you guys who have lived here longer will also help me out.

So no more talk about the weather. I'll just show you how it was a couple of weeks ago with another sign soup. I sure hope it's like that this weekend. Here's Sign Soup Número Dos. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Is there any more of that soup left? You bet, here's some from last month.
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[ Mi amigo Eric, qué es del Noroeste Pacífico de toda la vida, me aconsejó que no mencione el tiempo en Seattle en el blog, tal y como hice el lunes. ¶ Y es que yo soy un novato en esta ciudad y no tengo ni idea de lo que es correcto o no, así que cualquier consejo que me déis los que habéis vivido más tiempo por aquí lo agradezco de verdad. ¶ En cuanto el tiempo, ni una palabra más. Sólo esta Sopa de Señales donde puedes ver qué temperatura tuvimos hace dos semanas. Ojalá sea así en los próximos días. Os dejo con Sopa de Señales Número Dos. Buen Labor Day Weekend! ¶ • ¿Te queda más sopa de esa? Por supuesto, aquí hay algo del mes pasado. ¶ • ¿Nuevo por este blog? Pásate por la página de Facebook (no hace falta estar registrado) para leer más sobre un servidor y ver algunas fotos. ]


  1. nice sketching! i like the sparse use of colour with your style.

  2. I am not a Pacific Northwest native, but I have lived in the PNW most of my life. And I complain about the weather west of the Cascades a lot. Perhaps my residency will be revoked, I don't know. But East of the Cascades (where the majority of the PNW land mass is) the weather is very different. I grew up in Eastern Oregon. I complain about winter weather there (too cold). If people couldn't talk about the weather here, whatever would we talk about to strangers and acquaintances? I guess there's always sports. Or maybe coffee. Microbrews perhaps.

  3. I'm a native (grew up in Renton) and complain about the weather all the time. It's best to make jokes (there are only two seasons in Seattle: Rainy season, and construction season), but it's certainly fine to complain or comment.

    No, what you don't do, if you are a native, is use an umbrella. Natives just deal with the rain.