Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A must-see place when visitors are in town

Sunday, August 10, 2008. 3:10 p.m. Richard Serra's "Wake" at the Olympic Sculpture Park. (Micron Pigma 08 pen on small moleskine sketchbook. Drawing on location, gouache paint added later.)

We had some friends visiting over the weekend and the Olympic Sculpture Park seemed like the perfect place to take them after brunch at nearby CJ's eatery. I couldn't bear the thought of visiting the park and not draw anything so I sneaked out and did a quick sketch while the party was resting at the Paccar Pavillion after a long walk down to the beach and back.

In case you missed them, go here to see other sketches at one of my favorite Seattle parks.

[ El fin de semana tuvimos visita de unos amigos y después de un brunch en CJ's Eatery los llevamos al Olympic Sculpture Park. No podía soportar la idea de estar en este parque sin dibujar nada y me escapé a hacer un apunte mientras el grupo descansaba en el Paccar Pavillion después del paseo de ida y vuelta hasta la playa que hay en el parque. ¶ Por si no los viste, aquí están otros dibujos hechos en este parque, uno de mis favoritos de la ciudad. ]

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  1. The colors on the building are very efective. Good choice.