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Friday, August 15, 2008


[View larger] August 13, 2008. Neighborhood deli at Republican St. and Minor Ave. in South Lake Union. (Pigma Micron 08 on big moleskine sketchbook. Drawn on location. Color added later with gouache, orange color pencil for the construction cones.)

On Wednesday I went out to sketch with my new drawing buddy Eric. I've realized that there's nothing like having some company to get motivated. What if his drawing is better than mine? So I had to pull out the bigger sketchbook this time and hope for the best.

Eric is a pro on his own right. He also works at The Seattle Times and I think he has the best job in the newsroom as staff cartoonist. He thinks the view from my window is better though. He is right, he has a nice office but no window, the poor guy.

Not only is Eric a super talented artist and humorist, he is funny in real life as well. I wish I could be just 10 percent as funny as he is.

Before going out to sketch he told me: "If I see your sketch is coming really good I'll just hit you with my elbow so you mess up." Spoken like a true cartoonist.

Don't leave today before checking out his cartoon blog, Antagonistic Ink.

→ UPDATE: Eric is not wasting a second to outdraw me. He's also started his own sketchblog: the Pointless Doodles of Eric Devericks.

[ El miércoles salí a hacer bocetos con mi nuevo colega dibujante Eric. No hay nada mejor para motivarse como ir acompañado de otro artista. ¿Y si le sale su dibujo mejor que a mí? Voy a tener que sacar el moleskine grande y que sea lo que Dios quiera, pensé. ¶ Eric es un profesional de tomo y lomo. También trabaja en el Seattle Times y a mi parecer tiene el mejor trabajo de la redacción como humorista gráfico. Eso sí, él me recuerda que la vista desde mi ventana es mejor. Y tiene razón porque él tiene una oficina maja pero sin ventana, pobre. ¶ No sólo es un dibujante y humorista como la copa de un pino, Eric también tiene un agudo sentido del humor fuera del trabajo. Ya me gustaría a mi tener tan sólo un 10 por ciento de la gracia que tiene este hombre. ¶ Antes de salir a dibujar me dijo: "Si te veo que te está saliendo el dibujo mejor que el mío te daré un codazo a ver si haces un borrón." Así habla un humorista. ¶ No os vayáis hoy sin pasaros antes por su blog de humor gráfico, Antagonistic Ink. ¶ → ACTUALIZACIÓN: Eric no está perdiendo un minuto y también ha empezado su propio sketchblog: the Pointless Doodles of Eric Devericks. ]


  1. Really wonderful! Put Eric in your sketching kit and carry him everywhere. He's a good influence!

  2. Very nice sketch Gabi!

  3. I agree with Jason...This is a fantastic sketch Gabi

  4. So much detail in this one! And you used the gutter of the sketchbook for the side of the building :-)
    Hooray for sketching partners.

  5. Gabi- this one is awesome. I checked out Eric's site and compared your two drawings. It's like looking at van Gogh and Gauguin's side by side. Nice work.

  6. Love the brick, and everything else is awesome as well. I'm going to check-out Eric's site now.

  7. thanks folks! it's cool to have a sketching partner as talented as Eric

  8. Joder Gabi, en los ultimos tiempos estás haciendo cosas de virtuoso, se ve que ampeza con Seattle Sketcher te ha puesto las pilas!
    (Y gracias por dar a conocer a Eric, me he visto sus chistes y es la bomba... buenísimos!!)

  9. Eric es muy gracioso, tienes razón, aunque en persona es un poco pesado, y vos como estás Gabi ? siempre igual de gorda come chorizo ?

  10. Hi, listen, I'm pretty new on this blogosphere and Internet thing, so I don't know if there's a sort of "subscription" method that I can use in order to receive notifications of your new entries...? Thing is I enjoy reading your blog a lot and I'd like to be up to date with your posts!

  11. That is a great sketch!