Monday, August 25, 2008

Lake Union Park

[View larger] 08.22.08 — 7:51 p.m. The sun is starting to set over Lake Union Park.


Details from the spread above.

Despite the beautiful geographic setting of this city, there's still a need for more green open spaces. Parks like this one don't just happen, they require a lot of money from donors.

I don't have much money myself so when the nice folks at the Seattle Parks Foundation contacted me about my drawings I thought it'd be a nice contribution to donate some sketches.

If you haven't been to the renovated Lake Union park, which opened last May, hurry up and enjoy the spectacular views before summer is over —some say it already is but I'm still hopeful for a few more sunny days.

[ Aunque la situación geográfica de esta ciudad es ideal, aún hacen falta más zonas verdes y espacios al aire libre. Parques como éste no surgen de la nada, hacen falta muchas donaciones para poder financiarlos. ¶ Yo no tengo mucho dinero así que cuando la Fundación de Parques de Seattle me contactó interesada en mi trabajo no me pareció mal que mi donación fueran unos cuantos dibujos. ¶ Si no has ido todaviá a Lake Union Park después de la reciente renovación en el mes de mayo, date prisa para poder disfrutar de espectaculares vistas antes de que se acabe el verano —algunos dicen que ya se ha acabado pero yo todavía espero más días soleados. ]


  1. Have you considered selling prints of your sketches yourself? I don't know what materials would work best, but I do know a few photo services like SmugMug make setting up a "store" pretty easy.

  2. Great blog of sketches you got here! I'll have to fly out there for a future sketchcrawl and crawl with your group. Cheers!

  3. I agree with joshuadf, you should try to sell prints of your work! I love seeing this area that I live in through your eyes!

  4. I'm glad you think I should sell prints because I actually opened my online store today!

    I put a link to it under the Seattle Sketcher flag but I guess it's easy to miss. I didn't want to appear too commercial and scream 'buy prints now!!!'

    @gerald, thanks for the nice words, by all means come join us in Seattle for a sketchcrawl, the next World Wide Sketchcrawl is on Oct. 25th, you probably know that already

  5. Gabi these are great and I love the top one!! the grass has so much depth.