Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bye bye Republican Street houses

[View larger] 08.19.08 — Houses at 1206 and 1210 Republican St. (Pigma Micron 005. Drawn on location. Color added later with gouache.)

Fellow local blogger Cliffe, from Vintage Seattle, tipped me about the demolition of these two houses starting Tuesday. The one on the left is probably one of the oldest in the Cascade neighborhood. According to the Department of Neighborhoods it dates back to 1890.

This is the second time I go out to sketch with Eric. Make sure to check the drawing he did of the houses. He is getting good at this really fast. Last week we sketched a deli just around the corner from here.

Other old houses I've sketched before around South Lake Union:
House at Pontius Ave.
House at Fairview Ave. and Republican St.
Houses at Minor Avenue.

And one location in a different part of town where the wrecking ball already did its job:
• Old Denny's in Ballard.

UPDATE → The houses are history already. I walked by the site this morning on my way to work and the demolition crews were piling up the rubble. So sad. Go to Vintage Seattle and The South Lake blogs for photos of the houses and to the Flickr pool of Jonathan Hanlon to see what the site looks like after the demolition.

[ Cliffe, del blog Vintage Seattle, me envió un correo electrónico avisándome de que el martes empezaba la demolición de estas dos casas antiguas en South Lake Union. La de la izquierda es tal vez una de las más antiguas del barrio de Cascadia. Según el departmento de barrios data del año 1890. ¶ Esta es la segunda vez que voy a dibujar con Eric. No os perdáis su dibujo de las casas. ¡El tío está aprendiendo rapidísimo! La primera vez dibujamos este deli que de hecho está a la vuelta de la esquina. ¶ Otras casas antiguas que he dibujado en South Lake Union: ¶ • Casa en Pontius Ave. ¶ • Casa en Fairview Ave. y Republican St. ¶ • Casas en Minor Avenue. ¶ Y un sitio en otra parte de la ciudad que ya lo demolieron:
• El antiguo restaurante Denny's en Ballard. ¶
ACTUALIZACIÓN → Estas casas ya son historia. Me pasé por ahí esta mañana de camino al trabajo y las excavadoras ya las habían convertido en un montón de escombros. Puedes ver fotos de las casas en los blogs Vintage Seattle y The South Lake, así como fotos de la parcela después de la demolición en la galería de Flickr de Jonathan Hanlon. ]


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Great sketch, Gabi. Your apprentice is doing some impressive work too. Sad to see these go.


  2. Glad you could capture them before they were gone for good. What will they be putting in their place? So sad..

  3. I'm not sure, but judging by how this neighborhood is changing I wouldn't be surprised if they squeeze some condos in here

  4. I would love it if you drew a sketch of my house on the corner of republican and minor ave n. if you do, please let me know.

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