Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Annotated everyday life

[View larger] Pigma Micron 02

My contribution to Andrea Joseph's Japanese-fold moleskine as part of the International Moleskine Exchange has a mix of things that I carry with me every day, many of them related to Seattle. I tried to draw them more or less in Andrea's trompe l'oeil signature style.

To see the rest of the sketchbook with Andrea's and France Bellville's drawings go to the Moly_X_12 group blog.

[ Este es el moleskine de acordeón de Andrea Joseph con mi aportación más reciente como parte del Intercambio Internacional de Moleskines. En el dibujo podéis ver cosas que suelo llevar cada día conmigo, muchas de ellas relacionadas con Seattle. He intentado dibujarlas más o menos en el estilo trompe l'oeil característico de Andrea. ¶ Puedes ver el resto de este cuaderno con dibujos previos de ella y de France Bellville en el blog del grupo Moly_X_12. ]


  1. I'm quite jealous of the sketchbooks being made with so many great drawings in them.

  2. Ok, this is brilliant, Gabi. I'm so chuffed! Brilliant. I feel like I'm getting to know you guys a little better with every ticket you draw. Can't wait to see this 'in real life'. Thank you.

  3. Really cool. Really cool Gabi.

  4. thanks everyone for the nice words. i'm so thrilled you like how this turned out Andrea! this was fun to draw. i thought i'd just do one or two items, then continue the next day, but once i started i couldn't stop and i had to finish it