Thursday, July 3, 2008

Watching the monorail come and go


I can't tell you how many times I go by places that I want to draw but I don't have the time to do it. Instead, I add the location to my mental list of must-sketch-places.

The monorail was high on the list and last Friday, when I found myself nearby and with an extra 45 minutes of time before going to work, I pulled out my sketching chair and gave it a try.

The red monorail came and went several times while I did the drawing. It was probably an off day for the blue monorail, which travels on the other rail.

It's good there are actually two, because after 46 years in service, this rare transportation system is been known to break down more often than we would like.

• Note: Seattle Sketcher is going to observe U.S. holidays and weekends, so I'll be back on Monday with more sketching goodness. Have a great 4th of July and draw safely!

[ No os podéis imaginar cuántas veces paso por sitios que me gustaría dibujar pero no tengo tiempo de hacerlo. Lo que hago en esos casos es apuntar el lugar en mi lista mental de sitios-para-dibujar-en-un-futuro-próximo. ¶ El monoraíl estaba por supuesto en esa lista y el viernes pasado, cuando me encontraba cerca y con 45 minutos libres antes de ir al trabajo, saqué mi silla portátil y me puse manos a la obra. ¶ El monoraíl rojo vino y se fue varias veces mientras hice el dibujo. Al monoraíl azul, que va por el otro raíl, probablemente le tocaba día de descanso. ¶ Está bien que haya dos porque después de 46 años en servicio este curioso medio de transporte se avería más a menudo de lo que quisiéramos. ¶ • Nota: Seattle Sketcher se va a tomar libres los días festivos en Estados Unidos y fines de semana. Así que hasta el lunes, porque mañana es el Día de la Independencia (4 de julio) por estas tierras. Feliz fiesta y a dibujar con salud! ]


  1. Qué bueno, la franja de color que deja ver la marquesina es genial!

  2. Draw safely! Like not next to a fireworks display or in the middle of the parade, right?

    I wonder if your monorail has the same or better success rate as our el?

  3. Nice sketch, and a good commentary.. :)

    I think now I understand what you were telling me about my portait drawings.. :)

  4. I really enjoy your sketches. So full of life and detailed... Until a couple of weeks ago I didn't know much about Seattle at all. But thanks to your sketches this changed and I get to see some impressions of the town (and it's busses).

    I'm afraid this has been asked before, but how long do you need to draw a sketch like this? I know you you color at home later on, so just the sketching part?

  5. I like the new look and feel of your blog. But I will have to follow along on Flicker as I love all your work and you are so prolific! I hope to someday wander your city and feel like I know it because of you!

  6. love your blog! I lived in Bellevue years ago and spent everyweekend exploring the seattle area - thanks for the great sketches

  7. -murilo-11:14 AM

    Congratulations for your blog.
    I love your sketches and notes.
    A big hug and good luck!!

  8. I rode on the monorail at the worlds fair shortly after it was built, how time flies. We have a public transit variation of it, really an elevated train called Skytrain here in Vancouver, all automated, no driver. Thanks for the memories.

  9. great re-design of your blog, Gabi - and a wonderful sketch - interesting urban perspective and little details to taste!

  10. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Mola tu blog

  11. thanks for all the comments guys!

    stan, this sketch took about 45 minutes ( not including coloring, which as you know i often do later at home )

    don, i hope to go to Vancouver some time soon and try that Skytrain, sounds fun!

  12. I would have made a mental note and returned to this view, too. Your distinctive style of drawing is always a pleasure to revisit.

  13. thanks rock, you sure rock! ;)