Friday, August 1, 2008

Spot the sketch


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I am a sucker for both technology and maps, so I could not resist creating a Seattle Sketcher Google map as soon as I figured out how to.

Do you want to see where I sat on the street to draw the Blanchard building? You can navigate and zoom in down to the exact location and see the sketch there too. I think this is so cool, isn't it?

Whether you live here or not, go ahead, take a virtual tour over the city and click on the placemarkers to spot this sketching location and more. Can you find it?


Me pirran la tecnología y también los mapas así que no he podido resistirme a crear uno de Seattle Sketcher en Google Maps tan pronto como he sabido hacerlo.

¿Quieres ver desde dónde hice este apunte del edificio Blanchard? En el mapa de Google puedes navegar y acercarte hasta el lugar exacto y ver ahí mismo el dibujo. Esto me parece sencillamente impresionante.

Tanto si vives aquí como si no, date un paseo virtual por la ciudad y pincha en los indicadores para ver desde dónde hice éste y otros dibujos. A ver cuánto tardas en encontrarlo.


  1. That map is so cool! What a great idea-I loved being able to click around and get an idea of where all these sites are in a city I've never visited.

  2. Qué buena idea! Será algo así como "city art": toda una ciudad dibujada por un artista... Te animas? :) (un trabajazo, lo sé, lo sé... podría ser algo así como un proyecto colaborativo... ;)

  3. Fun gadget - and the sketch above is great!

  4. this is really cool - I've heard about this capability - but did not get around to look into it yet! Great map - hoping to see more blue dots on it soon - are you planning on updating it regularly? :)

  5. Your work is really nice. Terrific actually. I really want to learn from it. I am wondering if you could give a couple of tips about drawing perspective...just the way you think about it when you set it up perhaps. Also, what pens are you using?

  6. very neat I like your drawings and the map is super.

  7. Wow, what a fun idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Was it difficult to create that map? How did you learn?

  8. love the google maps - I check out all my old addresses (124 108th SE bellevue wa ( 1978?))so I can identify with your sketches of seattle - It was probably one of my favorite cities but to far from family - I tried to comment on your facebook video but did not know how - I really enjoyed the entire sketch book thanks for bringing back so good memories of Seattle

  9. thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated!

    @apple-pine:yeah, i will keep adding as I draw more

    @sandi: i mostly use Pigma Micron 08 pens. as far as drawing perspective i don't know how much i can say here... it all comes down to observation, i usually study the scene for a few minutes first before starting to draw so I know where the vantage points are

    @fannie: the Google map is really easy to create if you're already familiar with blog publishing and basic html