Monday, July 28, 2008

Sign soup

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Nordstrom's headquarters downtown is on my list of buildings to draw, but I was happy to sketch their mall facade in Lynnwood, even if it looks like any other Nordstrom across the country. Another local company, Kidd Valley, also makes an appearance in this soup of signs, brands and interesting advertising (Hungry? ... hmmm, there's a catchy line.)

I've been inspired to draw company logos and advertising signs thanks to the fantastic work by Barcelona-based French illustrator Julien Fassel, whose fluid sketches artfully incorporate logos and brands from the urban landscape.

[ La sede de Nordstrom en el centro de la ciudad está en mi lista de edificios a dibujar. De momento, me tengo que conformar con este apunte de una de sus tiendas en el mall de Lynnwood, aunque sea igual que cualquier otro Nordstrom en el resto del país. Otra empresa local, Kidd Valley, también aparece en esta doble página de señales, logotipos, marcas y anuncios publicitarios curiosos (¿Tienes hambre? ... no veas, a eso le llamo yo publicidad con gancho). ¶ Los fantásticos dibujos del ilustrador francés afincado en Barcelona Julien Fassel, me están inspirando a dibujar marcas de empresas y carteles publicitarios. En sus dibujos, los motivos principales a menudo mezclan logotipos y marcas del paisaje urbano. ]


  1. This is great, Gabi-love the sign soup! Hope the pictures turned out well too-we've also been to Picture People a few times. The pictures are always good, but sometimes the experience is like torture!

    I vote for more drawings like this!

  2. This is a really wonderful spread! I love the mix of perspectives, backgrounds, isolated elements, etc.

    (Also, I don't think I ever got around to commenting on you changing the blog name/focus. Well, I think it makes a lot of sense and it was a smart move.)

  3. We could fill pages with the bombardment of signs we get every day -- and their colors. You chose a nice balance of them, and i hope there will be many more of these amazing spreads.

  4. Nice. You made the signage blitz look appetizing.

  5. thanks guys, i'll definitely do more of these, we are sure bombarded by messages everywhere

    plus, I'm digging working more often on the bigger size moleskine

  6. I love that you included a Safeway sign. Your blog is really fun and I look forward to reading more!