Friday, July 11, 2008

Sign of the times

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I pass by this little strip mall on my way to the newspaper every day. It's on Denny Way and Fairview Ave. There is a Subway fast food restaurant, a Payday Loans office and a hard-to-miss yellow sign for the Washington State Lottery, which gets updated every time the jackpot goes up. Yesterday afternoon, about a week after I did the sketch, it was already up to $75 million.

The whole thing seems a little depressing to me. I especially dislike what the sign says: "Homes sweet homes," as if the lottery was the best way to home ownership. And I find ironic that it's next to a Payday Loans business, offering false hopes to the most financially vulnerable.


Cada día paso por delante de este tinglado comercial de camino al periódico. Está en Denny Way y Fairview Ave. Hay un restaurante Subway, una oficina de préstamos Payday Loans y un cartel amarillo de la lotería del estado de Washington imposible de eludir. Lo actualizan cada vez que sube el bote del premio. Ayer por la tarde, apenas una semana después de hacer el dibujo, ya era de $75 millones.

La verdad es que la escena se me hace un poco deprimente, empezando por el texto del cartel: "Hogares dulce hogares", como si la lotería fuera la mejor solución para comprarte casa, y porque se encuentra justo al lado del negocio de préstamos, ofreciendo falsas expectativas a las personas más vulnerables económicamente.


  1. bravo!
    i'm a french sketcher (just have learn the word!) and i would like to congratulate you for your work!
    is it your profession? or are you doing this for leisure?

    thanks for your work!!!

  2. Thanks for documenting one of our ugliest intersections! I dislike almost all the WA Lottery ads; they appeal to greed and try to exploit people's insecurities.

    By the way, that's not condos--it's the Mirabella retirement community. I have mixed feelings since it is a monstrosity, but our society needs more intergenerational contact and getting older people into a walkable neighborhood should help with that. I wish it were a non-profit like Exeter House on First Hill, though.

    Also check out this crazy virtual tour page of the intersection (warning: slow to load): VR Seattle: Fairview and Denny.

  3. you're right Joshua, it's the Mirabella. i share your mixed feelings about it. i think only a few will be able to afford to live in this retirement community. thanks for the virtual tour link by the way, that's really cool

    @pascal: this blog is all for fun

  4. great stuff as usual...I gave you an award on my blog. Don't feel like you have to participate unless you want to :)
    its going around on edm

  5. great sketches!!!
    I really enjoy coming back to your blog again...and again...and....:)

  6. thanks for the award scquiltaddict! i'm truly honored.