Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On Time, Every Time

Before we get down to sketch business, let me thank you for stopping by the new blog. I really appreciate all the nice comments. It makes my day to read things like "thanks to this blog, I think Seattle will be a place we visit sometime in the near future," as no way said.

Visiting Seattle is a smart decision indeed. There's lots to see here. But come soon, before the nice weather goes away. Some people say that summer here starts 4th of July and it's over by the end of August.

I've only lived here two years but I refuse to believe that though. In fact, Independence Day hasn't arrived yet and it looks like hot temperatures and clear(er) skies are here to stay.


Like last Friday, when the afternoon sun illuminated this group of downtown buildings, creating a really good sketching opportunity — with an alley included.

The blue building is located at Virginia St. and 9th Avenue and part of it is home to the print business called, imagine what, Print Time. I like that they chose red for the store awning. If anything, it's a nice balance to the unfortunate blue paint over the brick. And I dig their slogan: On Time, Every Time. I'm thinking about adopting that motto myself right now. Until tomorrow then!


Antes de pasar al dibujo del día dejádme que os dé las gracias por pasaros por el nuevo blog. Os agradezco de verdad todos los comentarios. Me da mucha satisfacción leer mensajes como el de no way, que escribe: "gracias a este blog creo que Seattle será uno de los lugares que visitaremos pronto".

Visitar Seattle es una buena decisión. No os decepcionará. Hay muchas cosas que ver. Pero venid pronto, antes de que se pase el buen tiempo. Algunos dicen que aquí el verano empieza el 4 de Julio y se acaba a finales de Agosto.

No obstante, aunque sólo llevo aquí dos años, yo niego a creerme eso. De hecho, todavía no ha llegado el día de la Independencia y parece que el calor y los cielos (más) despejados ya no se van.

[edificio azul]

Como el viernes pasado, cuando el sol de por la tarde iluminaba este grupo de edificios en el centro de la ciudad creando una oportunidad para dibujar muy buena —con callejón incluido.

El edificio azul está en Virginia St. y la Novena Avenida. Está ocupado en parte por un negoció de impresión que se llama, imagínatelo, Print Time. Me gusta que el toldo es de color rojo. Al menos complementa la desafortunada elección de pintar el ladrillo de color azul. Y su slogan no tiene desperdicio: On Time, Every Time. Creo que voy a adoptar ese slogan ahora mismo. !Hasta mañana entonces!


  1. is a place I've wanted to visit for a long time. You have so many interesting writers there. Some of their fiction (well, and nonfiction too) is set in Seattle and ti makes me want to go there.

  2. I stumbled on your blog when I was looking at... moleskines. I was trying to figure out what sort of watercolors to get.

    I live downtown and treat it like my playground, from Pike Place Market to Capitol Hill to Fremont.

    Let me say, you represent it all very well in your sketches.

  3. thanks erly, you should join us for the next sketchcrawl in Seattle, check out the site for more info...

  4. I imagine blue-painted brick can't be the most fortunate of colors, but for your sketch, what a neat color it is!
    I like the edificio azul and all the broad strokes of this sketch.

  5. these latest posts are all great and LOVED reading about your seattle adventures...terrific stuff....poor baby having to go to the dr on the 4th...not the way you want to spend a holiday but the resulting sketch i think is my fav...time well spent:>