Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping things in order


I've been trying to keep the blog as chronological as possible. It's a graphic journal after all. But that presents some problems. Do you care to know when Seattle Sketcher goes to get some routine blood tests? Because that's what I did the day after we went to West Seattle and before a nice afternoon at Fishermen's Terminal, where I sketched a boat that stars in a popular Discovery Channel TV show —more on that tomorrow. (By the way, I'm a picture of health according to the results. I only need to exercise more, drink a little less, you know, the usual for a guy on the verge of 40 like me.)


Estoy intentando que el blog siga un orden cronológico, ya que se trata de un diario gráfico. Pero eso presenta algunos problemas. ¿A quién le interesa que Seattle Sketcher fue a hacerse unos análisis rutinarios al médico? Pero eso es lo que hice el día después ir a West Seattle y poco antes de pasar la tarde en Fishermen's Terminal, donde dibujé un barco que es protagonista en una conocida serie de televisión del Discovery Channel —más sobre eso mañana. (Por cierto, el resultado de los análisis es que estoy más sano que un roble. Sólo tengo que hacer más ejercicio, beber un poquito menos, lo típico para uno que ya roza los 40.)


  1. LOL :) Well, good luck with the following doctor's orders :)

    On a serious note - I was wondering how you would resolve the issue of time continuity - would you post things that might be out of place just on Flickr or here too...

    I am thinking about going into day-to-day but it presents an issue with "found" sketches (the ones I do on "whatever surface" and then put in a bag and find later in the library book :) And also - sometimes I do a lot in one day and sometimes I do just some personal stuff - like this lab people sketch - to post or not to post?

  2. I think I'll just have to come clean when I have 'found sketches' and say, hey, this is out of order but still worth posting here. It won't take long for that to happen, since I already have a back log of bus sketches I haven't posted. Plus, I'm still hoping one day I'll find that pirate ship I drew when I was four and give it the proper blog treatment! ;)

  3. Gabi,
    Creo que a los que apreciamos tus dibujos y comentarios nos interesa que te conserves en buena salud :) La serie de croquis de tus trayectos en autobús eran muy agradables de ver (y me animaron a sacar la libreta en público), una sala de espera me parece un tema similar. ¡Saludos!

  4. My 2 cents worth - I don't care about order, I like looking at drawings. I would hate to think you did not post a good one because it would be out of order.

  5. I agree with Don wholeheartedly.
    I too had some blood drawn and a physical done last week but forgot to post what i drew in the waiting room.

  6. Me alegro que tengas bien los análisis , jajaja , me ha hecho gracia que cuentes eso en el blog , yo no se como ando de colesterol ni nada de eso , lo que si se es que no tengo 40 años , pero mi barriga va creciendo por culpa de las cervezas... debo reducir el consumo igual que tú... me estoy "Homerizando"
    Saludos desde España! qué caló!

  7. LOL - well, I am definitely looking forward to that pirate ship!

    And will probably keep posting whenever - since there is no way for me to sketch and scan in the same day - well, 9 out of 10 it's not going to happen :)