Thursday, July 31, 2008


Clouds from Cascade Park in South Lake Union yesterday afternoon. Small moleskine sketchbook.

Clouds over our house. 12 x 9.5 inches, Pigma Graphic 1 on Bristol vellum paper.

Have you heard that Seattle is one of the best cloudspotting locations in the country? I have and I think it's true. As I start to draw them more often I'm also turning into a cloud geek.

For instance, I just discovered The Cloud Appreciation Society, which has more than thirteen thousand members around the world, about two thousand in the U.S. Who would have thought?

On their website, they have a Cloud of the Month section where they feature photos of great clouds from around the world. Coincidentally, July's featured cloud was photographed in Port Townsend, Washington.

They also have a section for cloud art.


¿Habías oído alguna vez que Seattle es una de las mejores ciudades para ver nubes de todo tipo? Yo lo he oído y creo que es verdad. Ahora que las empiezo a dibujar más a menudo también estoy conviertiendo en un freak de las nubes.

Por ejemplo, acabo de descubrir The Cloud Appreciation Society, que tiene más de trece mil miembros en todo el mundo, unos dos mil en Estados Unidos. ¿Quién lo hubiera pensado, verdad?

En su página web tienen una sección dedicada a la Nube del Mes donde ponen fotos de nubes espectaculares de todos sitios del mundo. Mira por dónde la nube del mes de julio fue fotografiada en Port Townsend, Washingon, no muy lejos de Seattle.

También tienen una sección dedicada a arte de motivos nubosos.


  1. Well, I've always heard that Seattle was known for it's rain, so it stands to reason that there would be clouds.

    Nice sketch!

  2. We get tons of clouds here in Vancouver BC and if you take the time to look they are magnificent mother nature things. Thanks for the inspiration - going cloud drawing now.
    Also is a Pigma graphic like a Pigma micron?
    Also also, really like the critical mass mess!(drawing that is)

  3. great sketches - I like lines on the clouds - they are so de-touched and through that so depicting of the clouds!
    And very interesting information about clouds appreciation society!

  4. Me again, duh!! really slow, googled Pigma Graphic and got the answers.
    Thx, don

  5. you beat me to the answer Don, i've been thinking about switching from the Pigma Microns 08 to the Pigma Graphic 1 because you can play more with the width of the strokes. we'll see, i'm still too attached to the 08 but i think it's good to try new things. I also drew on a sheet of bristol paper instead of the regular sketchbook pages, also for the sake of change