Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bye bye el blog, hello Seattle Sketcher

When I started blogging in October of 2006 I wasn't really sure what I was trying to do. My blog didn't even have a title at the beginning. It just had my name at the top. A few months later I came up with el blog de gabi campanario, by no means a much more descriptive or creative name.

el blog became the dumping ground for pretty much everything I drew: my illustrations for the Seattle Times, drawings I did for my kids and, mostly, sketches around Seattle done during my commute, lunch and coffee breaks and family escapades around the region.

Recently I've realized that drawing life around Seattle is what really drives me to hit the 'publish' button every night. So that's what I intend to concentrate on with Seattle Sketcher. I hope those kind of drawings were the ones you came looking for the most. I've also reorganized the tags so they'll be easier to find while I sort things out through the old posts.

As for my illustrations and other types of drawings I'll continue to upload them at Flickr if you want to check them out there.

Hope you like the change. Thanks for stopping by and happy sketching!


Cuando empecé este blog en Octubre del 2006 no tenía muy claro lo que pretendía. Nisiquiera le puse nombre al principio, simplemente el mío. Unos meses después lo cambié por el blog de gabi campanario, ni mucho menos un título más creativo o que describiera mejor de qué se trataba.

[antigua cabecera de el blog]

el blog se convirtió en el destino de casi todo lo que dibujaba: mis ilustraciones para el Seattle Times, dibujos para mis peques, y, principalmente, apuntes hechos por Seattle cuando voy en el autobús, durante un descanso para almorzar o tomar café o en escapadas con la familia por la región.

Recientemente me he dado cuenta que dibujar la vida en Seattle es lo que realmente me motiva a darle al botón de "publicar" cada noche. En eso me voy a concentrar a partir de ahora con Seattle Sketcher. Espero que ese tipo de dibujos fueran los que os interesaban más. También he reorganizado las etiquetas para que sean más fáciles de encontrar mientras hago limpieza de los posts antiguos.

En cuanto a mis ilustraciones y otro tipo de dibujos, los seguiré poniendo en Flickr si os queréis pasar por ahí.

Espero que os guste el cambio. Gracias por pasaros por aquí y happy sketching!


  1. Hi Gabi! It's nice to have this focus, but I enjoyed seeing whatever you were working on---I always came away from visiting your blog just that much more cheered and delighted than before I checked it out ;D. I'm sure I'm going to love your new format, too.

  2. I look forward to following your drawings whereever they are! You never fail to inspire me in my journey in art. Where will you put your Seattle Times illustrations?

  3. Así que es hora de re-organizarse. Que bien!!. Tus ilustraciones todas son buenas pero es bueno que te enfocaras en lo de tu ciudad. Es lo mas que hace y se nota que te cause mucha alegria y placer hacerlo.

    Siga adelante.

  4. Your new bloglook is great Gabi! I've always enjoyed all your work and will continue enjoying, illustrations or sketches...you are talented in all areas!

  5. Me gusta, me gusta. Abrazos, gabi.

  6. Comparto tu inteligente decisión. Especializarse es la clave del éxito, tu soltura con el lápiz (o lo que se ponga por medio) para reflejar la vida urbana de Seattle es excepcional.

    El desenfado de tus trazos y ese aire a veces ausente de los personajes me transmite fielmente el espíritu de esta ciudad. Está muy bien que lo potencies aquí.

    Me encantan tus dibujos y te deseo mucho éxito con este nuevo rumbo de tu blog.

    PS. I'm sorry to wrote this in Spanish, you know it's the best way for me to fully explain what I mean ;-)

  7. Hola Gabi!
    Me parece buena tu decisión, comparto lo que te dice Mariano.
    Suerte con el "nuevo" blog!! Abrazos. Martín

  8. Todd Burley10:51 AM

    Hello Gabi,
    I just saw your sketches of South Lake Union, and love them. It would be great to have you sketch some images of Lake Union Park some day. Let me know if you want to collaborate on some Seattle parks sketches. (todd@seattleparksfoundation.org)

  9. Yeah, Gabi, I know what you are saying. I, too, felt the same when I started out. I had no idea where it was all going. I'm just amazed by where it's taken me (and I certainly include the wonderful moleyX project in that). I think that blogging really gives you the freedom to explore what and where you want to go and it's great that it's given you that focus. It's a real organic process too, because with your own blog you don't have any restraints - do what you like.

    I love the new look blog, the new focus and I just loved this drawing from first time around.


  10. Congrats on the new blog Gabi. The focus is nice and I can't wait to read more and see more of Seattle!

  11. Great new look, Gabi! Thanks to this blog, I think Seattle will be a place we visit sometime in the near future-I never knew so much about it until now! However, I am going to also go connect with you on Flickr, so I can also check out your other drawings.

  12. Love the new name and design!

  13. Me encanta la idea, yo llevo algún tiempo rumiando algo parecido pero no lo haré simplemente porque soy incapaz de especalizarme. Menos mal que te has dejado abierta la posibilidad de ver en flickr otro tipo de cosas (los dibujos infantiles o los abecedarios me parecen imprescindibles)

  14. I love all you sketches, so what ever you call it I will visit it (or all of them ;-)

  15. thanks Sandy, thank you ALL for the comments!

  16. The blog looks great Gabi, really clean and colourful! Someone ought to make you the ambassador for Seattle - I've learned so much about it and before that I only knew it had lots of coffee shops and rain!

  17. Hi Gabi -- So great to see my hometown through other eyes. Your pictures make it easier to appreciate some of the changes of the 20 years since I left Seattle (though I am back nearby now). Thanks for preserving and sharing these views.