Friday, July 18, 2008

Aw, the summer!


It's true what Seattleites say: when the sun is out, there's no better place to be than here. And I would add: there's no better place to grill outside.

That's what I've done three days in a row thanks to perfect weather with temps in the 70s and low humidity.

On the sketch, our Metro gas grill that we bought when we lived in Virginia.


Es verdad lo que dicen los Seattleitas: cuando sale el sol, no hay lugar en el que se esté mejor que aquí. Y yo añadiría: no hay mejor lugar para hacer una barbacoa.

Eso es lo que he hecho los últimos tres días gracias a un tiempo de verano perfecto con temperaturas de 25 grados y poca humedad.

En el dibujo, la barbacoa de gas Metro que compramos cuando vivíamos en Virginia.


  1. temps in the 70s and low humidity... ahhhhh. the idea of that alone makes me smile. Lucky you - enjoy!

  2. Nice blog you have here, I realy like it and I'll come again soon!


  3. Muuucha envidia! (yo no tengo jardín y no me atrevo a poner una barbacoa en la terraza)

  4. WOW! I've enjoyed looking through your sketches here. They are fantastic. Thanks for visiting SDP, and I hope you'll keep in touch.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  5. Throw another burger on for me!

  6. Always love seeing your art- inspiring.

  7. Lovely work!

    It's nice to see this perspective and foreshortening from you, Gabi. So often your drawings are all middle and far distance. I love the big grill and the wall of the house being right in front of us.