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Monday, June 9, 2008

Pontius Avenue house

This old house in Pontius Avenue by Alley 24 always catches my eye and I finally got to sketch it last week. With all the construction happening nearby I wonder how long it will last, the same feeling I have every time I go by other old houses in the South Lake Union neighborhood like these in Minor Avenue or this other one at Fairview and Republican. By the way, if you like architecture and history and live in Seattle, have I said before that you should check out Vintage Seattle blog?
Esta casa antigua en Pontius Avenue al lado de Alley 24 siempre me llama la atención y por fin la dibujé la semana pasada. Con todas las obras que están haciendo en esa zona me pregunto cuánto durará en pie, lo mismo que pienso cada vez que paso cerca de otras casas antiguas en el barrio de South Lake Union, como éstas en Minor Avenue o ésta otra en Fairview Avenue y Republican St. Por cierto, si te gusta la arquitectura y la historia y vives en Seattle, he recomendado ya que visites el blog Vintage Seattle?


  1. Gabi, this looks exactly like a house I was drooling over in Seattle! LOL. I love old houses. I wish I had stopped to draw it like you did! BTW, have I told you how much I love your car outlines? They are always spot on and you always get the angles correct. I am so envious!

  2. From the Seattle Historical Summary for 223 Pontius AVE / Parcel ID 2467400455:

    223 Pontius Ave. N. "While the King County Record cards do not date it exactly, permit cards at DCLU/the Department of Planning and Development describe changes to the foundation in 1905, so there is a good chance the house dates from sometime before 1905. The house is significant as one of the few extant and seemingly intact single family residences from the early twentieth century (or late nineteenth century) in Cascade and close to Downtown Seattle."