Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rant of the week

Why do people buy these enormous 4x4 gas guzzlers, then just drive them to the park 'n ride, where they don't even fit on the parking spots? Don't get me wrong, I like that these people are using the bus too, but then, what's the point in buying one of these to begin with? To burn more gasoline?
No entiendo a la gente que se compra estas máquinas 4x4 de tragar gasolina y después las utilizan para aparcarlas en el park 'n ride, donde ni caben en una plaza de parking, y después cogen el autobús. Un momento, que vayan en bus está muy bien, pero entonces, ¿para qué se compran estos monstruos con ruedas? ¿Para gastar más gasolina?.


  1. Completamente de acuerdo contigo, no hay día que pase, que no me pregunte lo mismo, cuando voy por la calle.

  2. Folks who have to drive through 9" or more of snow regularly and live on a road with ruts the size of a VW and live up the side of steep hill - those folks would need one a good portion of the year.

    It's also a darned good idea to be driving a heftier vehicle if you're likely to encounter a moose in the road. :)

    Love your drawings.