Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moleskine exchange


Remember the zig-zag sketchbook I got to participate in the International Moleskine Exchange? This is what I drew on it before sending it to the next artist in our moleyX_12 group. The topic of my moley is horizon. Shown here is part of the railroad bridge by the Ballard locks, where I went to sketch last Sunday.

[ Os acordáis del moleskine acordeón que compré para participar en el grupo International Moleskine Exchange? Esto es lo que dibujé antes de enviarlo al siguiente dibujante de nuestro grupo moleyX_12. El tema de mi cuaderno es horizonte. En mi sketch se ve parte del puente ferroviario que está al lado del canal de Ballard, donde estuve dibujando el domingo pasado. ]


  1. I really like it, Gabi. That's going to be an amazing sketchbook.

  2. Here in Portugal the Moleskines are to expensive. I like to get one of those zig zag sketchbooks.

  3. I must say that although I find everything on your blog interesting, I just LOVE the urban landscapes. I love the subdued colour in this one.
    Moleskines are also too expensive for me. I think in Australia we pay about double what one pays in the USA.