Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moleskine craze

The executives at moleskine headquarters in Italy must be pretty happy with all the sites, Flickr groups, etc... built around the love for their product. Yesterday I came across a new one: skineart, and I immediately joined in. I love these little books with the elastic band, what can I say. But I feel all the artists like me who pour our work onto them should get something out of the free publicity, don't you think? At the least, how about a free moley every time you finish 10 moleys for example? Something like the buy-10-lattes-get-1-free cards.
Los ejecutivos de moleskine en Italia deben estar la mar de contentos con todas las páginas web, grupos de Flickr, etc... dedicados a su producto. Ayer encontré uno nuevo: skineart, y me registré immediatamente. Y es que estos cuadernitos con la goma elástica me encantan, todo hay que decirlo. Pero creo que los artistas como yo que nos curramos todo el arte que ponemos en estas páginas deberíamos recibir algo a cambio de tanta publicidad gratis. Como mínimo, por ejemplo, un moley gratis por cada 10 que llenas con dibujos. Como las tarjetas donde te marcan cada café que te tomas y cuando llegas a 10 te regalan el siguiente.


  1. Dear Gabi, some comments/questions about your drawings:
    - Are you using some kind of code for the colors?
    - The Space Needle is sometimes a recurrent landscape image for your sketches. Is it done deliberately?
    It seems like an interview, but it isn't.
    Moley craze, yes, but pocket or large?

    In this sketch I like the inclusion of the phone cable (I presume) and the gutter on the façade.

  2. Hola oscar, I'm happy to answer your questions:

    1. I do all my drawings on location but I usually color them later at home with goauche. That's why I write down notes to help me remember colors, light direction, etc.

    2. I do a lot of sketches in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, where I happen to work. You can see the Space Needle from pretty much anywhere in this neighborhood. So I'd say yes, it's deliberate.

    3. I draw the most on my pocket moleskine sketchbook but I also have one of the big ones and the small and big watercolor moleys. If I only have 20 or 30 minutes to draw I use the smaller ones. If I have an hour I use the big ones.

    Hope this helps! Happy sketching!


  3. Hey Gabi, I finally made it here to your site...It's wonderful, I'm lovin' ALL of your art!