Wednesday, April 2, 2008

McDonald's play place

I had as much fun drawing this as Alex and Olivia had navigating the tubular maze. You may or may not like McDonald's food but you have to give them credit for these places. They allow a tired parent like me to just sit and relax every now and then.
Tan bien como Alex y Olivia se lo pasaron aquí, yo me lo pasé haciendo el dibujo. La comida de McDonald's te puede gustar o no, pero hay que darles las gracias por estos lugares de recreo que permiten a agotados padres como yo sentarse a descansar con tranquilidad de vez en cuando.


  1. So complex! I would have an attack of the heebiejeebies at the very thought of attempting to draw such a thing! Your use of colour, only on the tubes themselves, is inspired.

  2. Gabi, you are a wonder!! I never,EVER would have tackled such a subject. Amazing sketch, as always.

  3. Great Playplace drawing! And I understand your enjoyment of a place where you can just sit and rest. However, my fear is that one of my kids will get stuck in a tube (they're pretty little) and I'll have to crawl in to get them. Not that that stops us from visiting every so often!

    I enjoy your work! Becky

  4. i'd wanted to draw this for a while but it was always too crowded. but when we went last Sunday morning conditions were perfect. just a few kids and, therefore, fewer parents who could say, hey, stop drawing my kid! after i got over my own attack of heebiejeebies I gave it a try. i'm glad you all like it! thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

  5. Wow.. esta con detalle apesar de ser boceto.. tiene mucha perspectiva

  6. Great page Gabi - I always wondered how to spend the time at these places - I only wish I had been keeping a journal back then...
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