Sunday, April 13, 2008

I missed you Space Needle, did you miss me?

How could I go more than a month without drawing the Space Needle! An strategically situated bench in this parking lot made this possible last Wednesday. Don't pay attention to the date I wrote on it... 4-9-07, I lose my mind like that every now and then.
¡Cómo es posible que lleve más de un mes sin dibujar el Space Needle! El miércoles pasado lo pude hacer gracias a un banco donde me senté cómodamente para hacer este apunte. No le hagáis caso a la fecha que escribí en el dibujo... 4-9-07 (por cierto, aquí se escribe primero el número del mes), de vez en cuando pierdo un poco la cabeza.


  1. I hate to draw the Space Needle. I have been asked to integrate it into logos so many times over the years that I have a sick avwersion to it.

    Maybe I should take you lead and just draw it for fun!

    I watched the program life after people on the history Channel the other day, and it had a great video of the Space Needle falling down after 500 years. Hooray! You can glimpse it here:

  2. I love this urban view, with the Needle as one player in a bigger scene.