Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How many times can you draw the same thing over and over?

I'm nowhere near drawing this view from the bus stop as many times as Monet painted his haystacks. I wonder at what point one reaches the limit of repetition. I thought my threshold was just drawing something once. With these sketches I've gone up to 2.5 times — last sketch here had to be left unfinished because the bus arrived.
Aún me queda mucho para dibujar esta vista desde la parada del autobús tantas veces como Monet pintó sus balas de paja. Me pregunto cuándo llega uno al límite de la repetición. Yo pensaba que el mío era dibujar algo una vez y ya está. Pero con estos apuntes acabó de subir la cifra a dos veces y media —el último sketch lo dejé sin terminar porque llegó el autobús.


  1. Still you can see that you focused more details in every sketch. the first one haves human walking. the second one have cars. they are also different angles even for the buildings around it.

    On the first one you focus more on the surroundings...and made them more defined [windows on back of the building and the shape/details of the building on the left] the people walking, the alleys etc.

    On the scond one you pay more attention to the cars and the bushes in front [OPEN] of the building. didnt payed too much attention the the buildings on the sides.

    So you are also reflecting that maybe you had mroe time on the first one or the interest were different. Etc..

  2. Great comment here.
    And i love to draw tha same things over and over. Like cars for instance.

  3. Gabi, me encanta tu blog y lo sigo a diario. Has conseguido que me entre de nuevo el gusanillo del "sketching" a nivel de hobby, por lo que ya me he equipado con los Pigma que recomendabas. Gracias.

    As an architect, I'm always re-drawing most of my sketches, so I think that it's not like repeating the same "mistakes" over again. It's more like "Groundhound Day" film, you will always try to do it better, erase the things that don't seem to fit and re-think some other points, you get different inputs on next days so, finally, later drawings have a different view than first ones, but the essence remains.
    Sorry for my "school" English.

  4. wow Reavel, you nailed it, i did pay attention to different things in every sketch, even without being aware of it

    i'm glad you draw the same things too José!

    oscar, gracias por tu comentario y por seguir el blog, me alegro de haberte contagiado un poquito esto del "sketching"! your english is fine by the way, no need to apologize!

  5. haha... no hay problema. Es que fue lo que vi. Cuidece y siga haciendo sketches. Me alegro que les haya gustado el comentario.