Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ghost cars

One of the many gratifying things for me about having a blog, besides getting to redesign it every now and then as I did last night, is when you guys leave a comment. That always makes my day. Especially because you manage to find words that I can't seem to find when I'm writing, like Juj yesterday calling the cars on my drawing 'ghost cars'. Brilliant! I liked that so much I had to put some more today so I could write it on the headline.
Una de las muchas cosas gratificantes para mí de tener un blog, además de rediseñarlo de vez en cuando como hice ayer por la noche, es cuando dejáis un comentario. Eso siempre me pone de buen humor. En especial porque los comentarios dicen cosas de maneras que nunca se me habrían ocurrido, como ayer, cuando Juj describió los coches de mi dibujo como 'coches fantasmas'. ¡Genial! Me gustó tanto la descripción que hoy he tenido que poner unos cuantos más y que salga en el títular.


  1. Anonymous3:54 AM

    I can now see your sketch when I click through from the EDM Superblog to your blog, but the image doesn't open on the Superblog itself.
    Hope this information helps.

  2. I too showed up because oddly it does not pop up on the superblog but as usual you do not disappoint:> love the immediacy of this...what are you sketching with? coptic markers? I need some of those...

  3. thanks for the update Shirley! maggie, i use a niji waterbrush with diluted ink

  4. Love the looseness of this drawing and the one yesterday. I look forward to your daily drawings and am never disappointed. FYI, since you have enlarged the drawings, even if I click on "Show HTML graphics" on my Yahoo email, I can't see the drawing on the email, only a broken link icon. However when I go to your blog, there it is, so this is not much of a problem. I just thought you might like to know.

  5. thanks sharon! i'm going to try to link the images to Flickr and hope that fixes the problem