Saturday, April 5, 2008

Denny Way

Another sketch done during a coffee break and colored at home in the evening. Notice anything different? I found my inner computer geek today and tweaked the blog so images show up larger. I hope I didn't break anything and you can see it just fine. Otherwise, please let me know!
Otro apunte hecho durante un descanso para tomarme un café y coloreado en casa por la noche. ¿Notas algo diferente? Hoy me vino la inspiración informática y cambié un poco de código en el blog para que las imagenes se vean más grandes. Espero no haber roto nada y que las puedas ver sin problema. Si no, ¡avísame por favor!


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    No image opens on the Superblog - and when going directly to your page it takes a long time to download all items and the image still doesn't show up. I use IE version 7 - if this info helps.

  2. thanks Shirley, is it still not showing? i had accidentally uploaded a very large file

  3. Por aqui estão óptimas.

  4. Love the "ghost" cars and that yummy yellow stripe

  5. ps - everything loads fine and looks great (I'm on MAc - Safari and DSL)

  6. The new size of the pictures is fine, but I miss your glasses at the top of the blog ;)