Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sketchcrawling in Seattle (1 of 2)

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My wishes came true and the rain went away for most of the day. We even had some nice sun breaks that made sketching at the Olympic Sculpture Park really enjoyable despite the cold temperature. These are two of the four spreads I did. I'll post the other two tomorrow because I'm just too exhausted for more scanning right now. In the meantime, make sure to go the 18th World Wide Sketchcrawl forum to see what everybody else was drawing around the globe.
Se cumplieron mis deseos y no lluvió durante la mayor parte del día. Incluso estuvo parcialmente despejado mientras dibujábamos en el Olympic Sculpture Park. Eso hizo la jornada más agradable, a pesar del frío. Aquí pongo dos de las cuatro páginas dobles que hice. Mañana pondré las otras dos porque estoy demasiado agotado como para seguir escaneando. Mientras tanto, no te olvides de visitar el foro del XVIII Maratón Global de Dibujo para ver qué hicieron el resto de participantes en otros rincones del planeta.


  1. This is so cool! I don't think we have any sketch crawls here in Pittsburgh..?

  2. check out the forums and if there's not one, maybe you can start one next time!

  3. Great sketches, Gabi! I did my own sketchcrawl in Seattle while there last month, so your sketches of the sculpture park caught my eye. I sat at that beach and sketched, too. I love your work.