Monday, March 3, 2008

IF — Leap

It's been a while since my last submission to Illustration Friday so I thought I'd take a leap and do leap! Below are some practice sketches of the leaping guy. (Gouache and ink. 6.75" x 8.5" / 17.1 cm x 21.6 cm.)
Ya hace un tiempo que no hago nada para Illustration Friday así que esta vez me lancé ya que el tema era precisamente eso: dar un salto. Abajo pongo algunos borradores del tipo saltando. (Gouache y tinta china. 17.1 cm x 21.6 cm.)


  1. I know the squiggly feeling. Nice painting!

  2. Great illo. Thank you for sharing your practice version.

  3. ah, leaping! Since beginning my running program I already feel like I am leaping into a healthier faster me! And with the start of my figure drawing class I am leaping into new knowledge and skills in my artistic life. I continue to devour your blog with all it's wonderful sketches, illustrations and whimsy! Now, I'm off to school for the day!!! Hasta luego mi amigo!