Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Go Hillary!

I watched the election coverage on CNN last night and saw a radiant Hillary speaking after her win in Ohio. She certainly came across as a fighter. I didn't care for the TV commercial she had been running in that state about getting a national security crisis phone call at 3 a.m. while all our children are sleeping. What was that? But I give her a lot of credit for pulling another comeback during this campaign and winning key primaries in Ohio and Texas. I'm still rooting for Obama but I'll be as happy if she's the nominee.
Ayer por la noche estuve viendo en la CNN la cobertura informativa de las primarias del martes. Hillary apareció radiante en su discurso tras la victoria en Ohio, demostrando de nuevo su carácter luchador. La verdad es que no me había gustado nada el anuncio de televisión que utilizó su campaña en ese estado donde sale recibiendo una llamada de crisis a las tres de la madrugada mientras nuestros hijos están todos durmiendo. ¿Qué estaba pensando? Pero le doy crédito por su victoria en estados clave como Ohio y Texas. Sigo estando a favor de Obama pero me quedaré satisfecho si Hillary es la candidata demócrata.


  1. Terrific drawing and a superb likeness.

  2. thanks terry, i did a few before i got one that i liked

  3. way cool! I am a Hilary supporter and will be thrilled if she gets the nomination. This is such an exciting election year!