Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Valentine's Day is coming up

The woman on the bus with a pink rose in her bag reminded me that Valentine's Day is coming up. I used to tell Michelle that in Spain we don't really celebrate Valentine's. That got me out of trouble for forgetting to do something special a couple of times. Well, maybe more. But after ten years in this country my excuse has lost some weight. Will I celebrate Valentine's day this year? You bet!
La señora en el autobús con una rosa en el bolso me hizo recordar que dentro de poco es el día de San Valentín. Yo le solía decir a Michelle que en España la verdad es que no se celebra mucho. Eso me sirvió de excusa en un par de ocasiones por haberme olvidado de hacer algo especial. Bueno, quizá en tres o cuatro ocasiones. Pero después de diez años en este país mi escusa ya no tiene mucho peso. ¿Voy a celebrar San Valentín este año? ¡Pues claro que sí!


  1. I always love your bus sketches, Gabi, and these are no exception.
    I still use the excuse about being from somewhere else when I forget to say Happy New Year to people in France for the whole month of January. And I've been hree for 20+ years. the problem is I really do forget...

  2. I guess Michelle will be very happy this year. Have a nice day then. :)

  3. incredible sketches I love your easy traces all over the illustration, thank you little Gabi you're the best ;)