Saturday, February 23, 2008

I (heart) Volkswagen

It's nice to see Volkswagen cars around here (left car on the picture). There are many of them actually. My dad worked for 35 years at S.E.A.T., the Spanish car company that was purchased by Volkswagen in the 80s.
Siempre me alegro cuando veo coches Volkswagen por estas tierras (el de la izquierda en el dibujo). De hecho se ven muchos. Mi padre trabajó 35 años en la SEAT, la compañia española de coches que fue adquirida por Volkswagen en los años 80.


  1. Hmmm ... don't you have a fondness for American muscle cars? *vroom-vroom* Volkswagens are attractive cars, but I've never been in one because of height and high-heels. Enjoyed your drawing and post!

  2. Thanks Jenny, I do like American muscle cars too. VWs just bring back some good memories. A Golf GTI was a status symbol among my friends growing up in Spain. But I was pretty happy with my second-hand SEAT 127! I know what you mean about the size, a Golf seems such a small car for American standars.

  3. I like all cars at this picture. I think your Volkswagen is nicer then real all real Volkswagen cars!