Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Home safety

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Besides keeping me busy at home, my kids are also a good source of inspiration at work, as you can see on this illustration I did recently for the Weekend Living section. A few things here don't really match our household though: we don't have a cat, I don't think I've ever baked anything and I've never smoked a pipe — I used to smoke cigarrettes but I quit six years ago.
Además de mantenerme bien ocupado en casa, mis peques son una fuente de inspiración en el trabajo, como se puede ver en esta ilustración que hice recientemente para la sección Weekend Living. Eso sí, aquí salen algunas cosas que no se ajustan a la realidad de nuestra casa: no tenemos gato, no recuerdo haber usado el horno nunca y tampoco fumo en pipa — antes fumaba cigarrillos pero lo dejé hace seis años.


  1. Felicidades por tu trabajo, me encantan estos post en los que pones el proceso de trabajo, son muy ilustrativos.


  2. It's so cool to see the progression of this drawing -- from sketch to finish. Great stuff.

  3. Hola, Gabi, your blog is great and that's why I linked it. You just added mine, thanks, but I made it mostly for my students at the Lisbon Faculty of Architecture where I teach Drawing/Sketching. You should check this website instead:, with many authors from Portugal and also its sketchblog. Best, please keep drawing as you do! (sorry, my written spanish is not very good). Susana

  4. that's a fantastic link Susana, muito obrigado!

  5. Anonymous1:27 PM

    another difference: your wife no longer owns such spiffy clothes ;-) --- michelle