Saturday, January 26, 2008

Looking out the window

I do most of these doodles over several days in between work assignments at the newspaper. The view out the window from my desk is a good source of inspiration. Like the page I posted last Saturday, these were done with a used Pitt pen dipped in ink.
Suelo hacer estos rápidos apuntes entre trabajo y trabajo en el periódico. La vista desde la ventana al lado de mi escritorio es una buena fuente de inspiración. Como la página que posteé el sábado pasado, hice estos dibujos mojando en tinta un rotulador Pitt usado.


  1. That's so lovely that your newspaper job involves a window, with a view! My newsroom is quite possibly the most uninspiring place, with no windows, and mould spores coming out of the carpet. So I fill my desk with postcards and photos to cheer it up, and I try to write at cafes and at home.

  2. Hola Gabi - These are very delightful illustrations.