Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hardware stores

©The Seattle Times
An illustration and some preliminary notes for this story about how to pick a good hardware store. Just what you should read before all those home improvement projects you may want to do this year. Painted with gouache and ink. Something you may not know, the dude with the yellow raincoat is me!
Ilustración y algunos apuntes previos para este artículo sobre cómo escoger una buena ferretería. Justo lo que necesitas leer antes de empezar todos esos apaños que quieres hacer en casa este año. Pintada con gouache y tinta. Y algo que tal vez no sepas... el tipo con el chubasquero amarillo soy yo!


  1. Hi Gabi!
    Happy New Year. I love your illustrations artwork. You are very talented. Thanks for stopping by and placing some nice words to me. I spent about 3 mos in Seattle last year. It is pretty cool there, literally and figuratively it rainging today?

  2. Muy bonita manera de colorear