Sunday, January 27, 2008

George Clooney was here (Statesville, N.C.)

I just got back from a quick trip to North Carolina, where we went to visit Michelle's family. In case you thought that my posts this week were a little untimely, that's why. I also missed the 17th World Wide Sketchcrawl last Saturday. We were flying to Charlotte via Minneapolis and there were really no good moments to draw. My eyeballs were busy enough checking that all baggage and kids were not left unattended. I had hopes that during the little vacation I would draw more, but it turned the other way around. It was really cold outside and I only managed to do this spread. It shows the city hall building in Statesville, a town about 40 miles north of Charlotte where my brother-in-law Jeff has a one-of-a-kind bike store, First Flight Bikes. While Michelle, Alex and Olivia were checking some really cool bikes inside, I bundled up and went outside to draw. It was 32°F (0°C). A little fun factoid about the city hall building is that George Clooney was recently here shooting some scenes for his upcoming movie Leatherheads. In fact, Clooney and his entourage showed up at Jeff's bike shop across the street one day while they were scouting the location. Unfortunately, they didn't want to shoot the store for the movie. They were just doing some reconnaissance. Still, now I can say that an A-list Hollywood celebrity was at my brother-in-law's store.
Acabo de regresar de Carolina del Norte, donde hemos pasado unos días con la familia de Michelle. Si los últimos posts te parecieron un poco atemporales esa es la razón. También me perdí el XVII Sketch Crawl Mundial el sábado pasado. Íbamos de camino a Charlotte via Mineápolis y no hubo ningún momento bueno para dibujar. Tenía los ojos bien ocupados en no perder de vista ni las maletas ni los críos. Durante estas pequeñas vacaciones también pensaba dibujar más, pero ocurrió lo contrario. Hacía demasiado frío y sólo hice esta doble página de mi moleskine. Se trata del ayuntamiento de Statesville, una ciudad a unos 60 kilómetros al norte de Charlotte donde mi cuñado Jeff tiene una tienda de bicicletas, First Flight Bikes. Mientras Michelle, Alex y Olivia echaban un vistazo al impresionante inventario de bicis yo me escapé a la calle para dibujar. Afuera la temperatura era de cero grados. Un dato curioso sobre este lugar en Statesville es que George Clooney estuvo aquí recientemente filmando una escena de su próxima película, Leatherheads. Clooney y su cuadrilla de hecho se pasaron por la tienda de Jeff durante una visita de reconocimiento de la zona. Pero no querían filmar la tienda para la película, sólo estaban buscando posibles ángulos desde los que filmar. En cualquier caso, ahora puedo decir que una estrella de Hollywood se pasó por la tienda de mi cuñado.


  1. Gabi--

    I have been viewing your site. Enjoy your line work. Look forward to more.

  2. What a wonderful drawing, Gabi! The layers (tree, poles, cars, buildings) and perspective are super, and as always you know exactly how much to leave out, in terms of colors and details.

    Sorry you didn't get to draw more on your trip. I've found the same thing often happens to me when I get out of town.

  3. I love this one. Love the subdued wintery colours.