Monday, December 17, 2007

A year ago on the bus

It's been a little over a year since I started sketching surreptitiously during my bus commute. And to mark the milestone, I've digged out a few early-and-never-seen-before Moleskine spreads. At the beginning I wasn't sure what I was trying to accomplish and I did more writing on the pages than I do now. I wasn't sure about what medium to use either. I even did some pencil, like the last spread here. And if you go back to posts like this one or this one, you can see how I wasn't sure about coloring either. It's been quite a learning experience. Am I tired of it? You bet! But it's nice to look back and be able to see all of these pages, which you can do on my Flickr set for bus sketches.
Hace un poco más de un año que comencé a dibujar disimuladamente durante mi trayecto al trabajo en autobús. Y para marcar la ocasión he sacado de mis moleskines unas cuántas páginas inéditas de mis primeros apuntes. Entonces no tenía una idea clara de lo que quería hacer. Escribía más que dibujaba. Tampoco tenía claro qué medio utilizar. Incluso utilicé lápiz, como en la última doble que he puesto aquí. Y como se ve en algunos dibujos que sí puse en el blog como éste o este otro, cómo colorearlos era otro campo a descubrir. Ha sido una experiencia de aprendizaje única. ¿Estoy cansado de estos dibujos? ¡Pués la verdad es que sí! Pero el resultado es gratificante. En mi galería de bus sketches en Flickr los puedes ver todos.


  1. Hi Gabi- I love the bottom drawing where we see the whole bus environment. This would be a great one for my students to learn from as they begin drawing interior spaces. They always question how much of the space they need to draw in order to really tell a viewer about it. You've done a great job here.

    Congrats on a year of bus sketches.

  2. I love people sketches, not portraits, just everyday, sketches. Yep, these are the type. I like the last one, especially.

  3. WOW, Gabi! Has it only been a year? The time flies -- love your work -- so spontaneous and filled with energy!

  4. Your bus sketches are all wonderful! I hope you are not going to stop--you said you were tired--b/c we all love them.