Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lost seagull

The seagull seemed lost in the middle of the parking lot. She walked around for a while, looking at everyone coming for some last minute Christmas shopping. Then, before I could even notice, it was gone.
La gaviota parecía bastante desorientada en mitad de la calle. Dio unas cuantas vueltas, inspeccionando la gente que iba y venía a la tienda para hacer algunas compras navideñas de última hora. Después, antes de que me diera cuenta, ya se había ido.


  1. You have captured so much detail in your drawing. I hope the sea gull found its way.

  2. Thanks Laurel, I'm sure the seagull found its way out of the shopping mall. She looked lost but it's not unusual to see them around since the Puget Sound is not too far.